Read More History of Hopper Street
History of Hopper StreetIt was 2004, the G60 we had was beginning to feel smaller and smaller in terms of production capacity. We were having to split-shift the roasting day and this never leaves you with enough time to d... Read more
Read More Better Packaging
Better PackagingPackaging, it’s a wild one to navigate. We’re always driven by our purpose: Better Coffee For All, which is underpinned by the philosophy of continual improvement — doing things better than the tim... Read more

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Read More A toast to Customs
A toast to CustomsCustoms is our flagship cafe located just off Wellington's iconic Cuba St, where we've been proudly serving the best coffee in town since 2010. To accompany your favourite drink are a range of seas... Read more
Read More At Your Local Documentary Series
At Your Local Documentary SeriesLast April, after the first lockdown in New Zealand, six Massey students tapped us on the shoulder with what we thought was a pretty special idea for their graduate project. They pitched a four-par... Read more
Read More The Year Of Challenge
The Year Of Challenge2020 has been one of the most challenging years in recent decades. The fact is universal, the global nature of the pandemic has impacted the coffee industry across all markets, and all parts of the... Read more
Read More What Fresh Coffee Means
What Fresh Coffee MeansYou wouldn’t chuck a loaf of stale bread in your trolley and you shouldn’t have to with coffee either. We’re proud to be bringing the freshest coffee to the supermarket aisles in New Zealand. Read more
Read More Coffee Supreme Brew Guide
Coffee Supreme Brew Guide It’s hard to beat that triumphant feeling of perfecting your morning brew — you know, when you sit down, take a sip and think, ‘sh*t that’s good, sh*t I’m good’. We reckon that should be part of e... Read more
Read More Generation Reimagine
Generation ReimagineSome things I’m learning (or waking up to) through this crisis of our planet and how it might be our generations’ time to shine.  Read more