Full Time Roaster. Lifelong Surfer.

To celebrate our partnership with The Single Fin Mingle, our very own Matt Galbreath has been splitting his days between the roasting floor and the shaping bay. Inspired by one of our espresso mugs from the early 2000s, Matt has crafted a 9'2 board with Verdure Surf of Lyall Bay, a renowned surfboard shaper and longstanding mate of Coffee Supreme.
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Just Landed: Coffee Supreme Penco Clip

Everyone's favourite non-coffee, coffee accessory, the Coffee Supreme Penco Clip, is back. Making its return in classic Supreme red, yellow and blue, this clip is best used for when your Coffee Supreme Tin is off duty. Despite their lightweight design, these tough little clips firmly secure your bag, ensuring your coffee is always tasting fresh while looking fresh.

30% Off Coffee Supreme Ice Coffee

Roasted for flavour, cold-brewed for taste, and canned for convenience, these beauties are ready to go wherever you are.
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In previous lives, lots of the Coffee Supreme team were baristas, cafe owners, dishwashers, furniture designers, or people just mad about coffee. Our collective knowledge covers all you need to know to open a great spot. We're here to help you create great coffee experiences for your customers. Consider us the coffee department of your business.

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