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No.7 Blend

Malt & Cocoa | Dark & Toasty

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Espresso, Stovetop

About this Coffee

No.07, our darkest roast, used to go by the name of Caramel. Its new name is derived from our original shop and roastery at 7 Woodward St, where Coffee Supreme began in 1993, and where it is one of the last remaining menu items from that era. No. 7 is a changing blend of high-grown coffees that are dense enough to handle the very dark roast profile. It’s suitable either on its own for those that like a smoky, low-acid, “old world” cup, or as a seasoning element for adding a deeper, darker taste to one of our other coffees.

Download your print-ready No.07 Blend tasting card here.

Tasting Notes

Smoky, Burnt Sugar
Soft & Muted
Melted Butter & Cream
Smoky & Long

Community Support

We are delighted to partner with the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand to support the good work they do, fundraise and encourage conversations about mental health.

By choosing Supreme you're choosing to support the Mental Health Foundation. Every cup counts.