Coffee Supreme Brew Guide

It’s hard to beat that triumphant feeling of perfecting your morning brew — you know, when you sit down, take a sip and think, ‘sh*t that’s good, sh*t I’m good’. We reckon that should be part of everyone's daily affirmations, so we’ve created a Brew Guide to ensure it is. 

The Coffee Supreme Brew Guide brings together simple recipes and tips for some of the more well-known ways of making coffee. Whether it’s a plunger or an AeroPress, we’ll have you giving yourself a pat on the back in no time. You can find the brew guide here

In our brew guide, we cover the following.

This oft-neglected but ubiquitous brewing device, can be found at the back of almost everyone’s kitchen cupboard. Dust it off and put the kettle on. 


Gold Filter
Perfect for those who don’t want to compromise on taste while wanting as little fuss as possible. This is as easy as it gets for great coffee making.


This method is a favourite amongst travellers and keen brewers — it’s even got its own global competition.


Not only does the Chemex brew an exceptionally clean cup, it’s a design favourite — a permanent fixture in the design collection at MoMA


Cone Filter
A tried and true method that dates back to the turn of the 20th Century.


A fuss-free option for making a whole lot of great filter coffee. 


No Gear
Caught at the in-laws with naught but a bag of Coffee Supreme and no gear to speak of? No worries, let’s get creative. 


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