At Your Local Documentary Series

Last April, after the first lockdown in New Zealand, six Massey students tapped us on the shoulder with what we thought was a pretty special idea for their graduate project. They pitched a four-part documentary series that details the importance of supporting local hospitality businesses in the wake of Covid-19. Naturally, we thought this was an awesome idea. At Your Local discovers the heart of three cafes around Wellington (as well as an appearance of yours truly).

Put the kettle on and give them a watch. 

Episode 01 – Creel Tackle House and Cafe

The Creel Tackle House & Cafe sits in the small town of Turangi, Waikato. It’s a charming little cafe that sits out the back of New Zealand’s oldest tackle shop, making it wonderfully unique. Run by the lovely Deb and Grant Alley, whose hospitality make it a hot spot for locals and holidaymakers alike. After the initial hit of lockdown, Deb & Grant were blessed to receive great support once they could reopen their doors as the general public rallied around local business’.

Episode 02 – Goods

Goods cafe and manufactory is a friendly bakery and cafe in Thorndon, Wellington that welcomes you in with open arms. Owner and Head Baker Lisa is a special talent and master of true hospitality, making delicious pastries and bread, never to be seen without a smile on her face. Lockdown made Lisa realise the importance of spending time with her family, and not working quite so hard. That maybe if she sells out of croissants, she doesn’t need to haul ass to make more. They’re sold out.

Episode 03 – Baker Gramercy

Baker Gramercy is a speciality bakery in Berhampore, Wellington with a focus on being the best they can be. Owner and operator James Whyte has mastered the art of the croissant, creating a pastry with more layers than the eye can see. After adapting to Covid-19 restrictions, Baker Gramercy’s community has come back strong to support a great, local business.  

Episode 04 – Coffee Supreme

For the final episode of At Your Local, we look back at what things were like at our Wellington roastery during last year's initial lockdown. We're incredibly grateful to our friends and customers, old and new, who supported us during this crazy time. We really couldn't have got through it without you.

Special thanks to Georgia Rathbone, Hamish Johns, Finley Jones, Anton Piters, Paul Luo, and Jordan Young for their creative genius and vision on this. We’re stoked to be a part of their final project.

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