So They Can, so can you

Did you know 263 million children are not in school worldwide? It’s a terrifying thought, but you can’t argue with the facts. There are a myriad of organisations around the world doing awesome work to combat the poverty cycle. But one that stands out to us, because of their work in one of our favourite coffee origins, Kenya, is So They Can. 

So They Can is a non-profit organisation founded by Cassandra Treadwell and Keri Chittenden, built on the belief that education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle. They work with local communities and governments to provide quality education to children living in poverty in East Africa. But, it doesn’t stop there, So They Can also take a holistic approach to their work, and consider the general wellbeing of the children and their families. 

When we asked Cassandra how we could help and where our money would best be directed, she said that their Miti Mingi Children’s Village project would be the one. Here, a home dynamic is created for 120 orphaned and disadvantaged children, where they are cared for and their basic needs such as security, clothes, food and education are met.

“The Village is a bright, colourful and safe place with 15 individual family homes, each with 8 children  known as ‘siblings’ and each with a nurturing ‘mama’ who has committed to being with the children for life.”

So They Can’s work provides clear positive changes to an entire community. Their work, particularly in Kenya, strikes a chord with us, and we’d love your support to raise our goal of $3,000 to pass onto the children and volunteers of Miti Mingi Village. Naturally, we thought our newest Kenyan coffee would be the perfect way to do so. 

Kenya Kainumui is another shining example of the amazing coffee this country produces - big, juicy and delicious. We’ll be donating $3 from each 250g bag of Kainumui sold, which we’ll be passing on to So They Can and the Miti Mingi project. 

Update on 8th November: $3,000 was raised for the Miti Mingi Children's Village. 


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