Coffee Supreme

Iced Cascara Fizz

It’s the cherry on top

Our Cascara Fizz is crafted for those who enjoy their drinks bright, fruity and icy cold.

Casacara, meaning husk in Spanish, is the skin from the coffee cherry in which the coffee bean grows. A byproduct of your favourite drink, Cascara Fizz is sun-dried, steeped and carbonated. Making for a thirst-quenching, naturally caffeinated sparkling tea that tastes like vanilla and citrus. It also pairs well with alcohol if that’s your thing

- 240mL cans
- Vegan-friendly
- Lightly caffeinated (27mg)

** Best Before 27/06/2024 **

Ingredients: brewed cascara (water, cascara), carbonated water, sugar, natural lemon flavour, vanilla, critic acid. 

Enjoy ice cold.

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