The Greatest Coffee of All Times

A couple of weeks back, we introduced you to The Greatest Coffee of All Times. Since then, we received over one thousand entries, created plenty of spreadsheets, hosted an internal vote, created more spreadsheets, hosted a public vote, and finally, we’ve got a winner.

Our new 50:50 blend of Supreme Blend and Decaf, now goes by the name of AM:PM. A massive congrats to Dan Purnell, from Melbourne, for his wordsmith skills. We love it, the majority of you loved it and we reckon it’s pretty fitting. 

A huge thanks to everyone who got involved, it’s been a blast. Massive shoutouts to second and third place, Sam MacKinnon and MumLife Naturopathy, it was a close call. 

If you’re after a coffee for morning times and night times, first coffee of the day and fourth coffee of the day times, AM:PM is for you. You can grab a bag here if you're in Australia and here for any other location.


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