Support your local, it just got easy

New Zealand is known the world over for its outstanding hospitality scene, in particular, it’s coffee and cafes. We’re also known to be a resourceful bunch as Kiwis, No8 wire and all that. And this new website is another great example. 

Save Our Special (SOS) Cafe is a not-for-profit initiative supporting local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, cafes, restaurantsand foodservice industry businesses.Setup by David Downs, Joyce Quah, andNaadei Atafu, SOS Cafe allows local businesses to sell gift cards to their customers, which they can redeem when they reopen. 

As we all know, cafes around New Zealand have had to close their doors. To make the blow a little harder, the bills haven’t stopped. This is why we think SOS Cafe is such a great idea, it provides owner-operators with much needed financial stability, and of course, certainty, in a time full of uncertainty. And that’s something we’ll wholeheartedly get behind. If you’d like to support your local, you can find the details below. 

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