Proudly New Zealand Owned

Since ‘93, we’ve been sourcing and roasting delicious coffee for kiwis across the country. August 16th 1993 was Supreme’s first day of trading. Back then, as they are now, Maggie Wells and Chris Dillon were at the helm. If you were kicking about Wellington in the early 90’s there’s a high chance you’re familiar with Reds. For those of you who aren’t, no stress, this one’s for you. 

In ‘92, Wellington’s cafe scene wasn’t what it is now and Chris and Maggie saw this as an opportunity. They found their dream inner-city location on 42 Willis Street — for you Wellingtonians, Chews Lane Precinct now sits here — and they locked in their coffee supplier, L’affare. But at the eleventh hour, they had a change of heart, and decided to go with Belaroma instead. A decision that unknowingly shaped the future of New Zealand’s hospitality industry. 

Eleven months in, Reds’ had built a solid and beloved community of regulars and was trading successfully. Although Chris and Maggie never intended to set up a coffee roasting business, through the fortuitous conversations with the taxman, they were presented with the opportunity to acquire one. A mere three days later, Coffee Supreme was born.  In the years to come, Chris hit the streets as our sales guy, introducing Coffee Supreme to cafes across the capital, armed only with a brand, a grinder and a bag of coffee. 

Over the past 26 years, a lot has changed, but also a lot hasn’t. We’re still proudly New Zealand and independently owned — yeah, Chris and Maggie still own it — and we’re still sourcing and roasting delicious coffee. What has changed, is that we now work alongside a whole raft of small business owners across the country who see the value of coffee in their business, just like Chris and Maggie did. We think it’s pretty special that Supreme’s life started in a cafe, and now, two-and-a-bit decades on, our core business is supporting them.  

This past week has been an exciting time for us, seeing cafe owners swing open their doors and get back to doing what they love. We also want to thank you for choosing us, we really appreciate your support and, honestly, we wouldn’t be here without you. 

So, thanks for eating Coffee Supreme for breakfast.

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