We’ve always said, one of the things that we think makes Coffee Supreme so special, is the people — be they the growers, the customers or the team. We like to think we’re a passionate bunch — not only do we care about coffee, we care about other stuff, too. So, we thought it’d be neat to let you in on what some of the team get up to when they’re out of the office. Whether it’s a labour of love, a sweet side hustle or a niche hobby, here’s how some of us spend our evenings and weekends.

For the second round of our OOO series, we sat down with Steph Moore. If you’ve ever dialed the roastery’s number, there’s a high chance you would’ve heard Steph’s beautifully pitched — some might even podcast-worthy tone — “Coffee Supreme, Steph speaking” on the other end of the line. Lucky for you (and maybe us) you don’t need to call the roastery to hear Steph’s voice. Pop the kettle on, get cosy and read on to see what the heck we’re talking about.

Q. Hi Steph, what’s your current role at Coffee Supreme?
I work as a part of Team Office, helping coffee to get to homes and cafes all over the country.

Q. And, what is it you get up to while not at Supreme?
In my spare time, in between watching trashy reality television and the odd glass of natural wine, I co-host a pop culture-based podcast, Kick Ons, with Jason Parker, released every Thursday.

Q. How long have you been running Kick Ons and what led you to start it?
Kick Ons turns two at the end of this month — we’ve got a toddler on our hands. It began as two friends (locked in our home) chatting over a gin. Turns out, our palates aren’t quite refined enough for martinis (...yet) but lucky for us, the lockdown brought creative inspiration. You can trust we dabbled in our fair share of sourdough and Tiger King, too. Since then, we’ve released over 120 episodes, ventured into some mini-series and hosted Peachy Keen music festival.

Q. What’s your secret to managing a full-time job as well as hosting Kick Ons?
The obvious one is having great coffee on hand at all times but also some seemingly okay time management skills and being energised about what I’m doing. No time working on Kick Ons feels like a chore.

Q. You’ve been at Supreme for a while now, what’s your go-to coffee and how do you make it?
I’m a long black drinker, but at home I drink filter coffee through my Moccamaster. My pick of the menu this month is the Guatemala La Soledad Rainmaker. Its limited release is always a pillar of the year, it’s around for a good time, not a long time.

Q. Favourite spot to have a cuppa in Wellington?
A new favourite is August. Martino Gamper Circus Stools, great coffee and a top-tier cheese scone are right up my alley. 

Q. We know you’re not really supposed to have favourites, but who’s been a highlight guest on the show?
Gosh, it’s a bit like ‘Sophie's Choice’, I’ve learnt so much from each of our guests. I think the highlight for me will always be speaking to Chlöe Swarbrick in the build-up to the last election. This episode stands out for a whole lot of reasons but also because it was my first day working at Coffee Supreme. I rushed home, covered in coffee grinds to jump on the call. These days I’m usually rushing to the closest free room at the roastery to record; great acoustics in this place!

Q. What’s on the cards for Kick Ons this year?
We have a few things up our frilly sleeves for this year. Jason and I are now living in different cities, which comes with a new way of working and opportunities to refine how we work to reach new listeners. There are some very exciting guests that have been on the books for a long time, however haven’t quite worked out timing-wise — it’ll be magic when our stars and timetables do align. We also want to venture into some live shows around the country and keep creating meaningful, yet hilarious content.

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