Jd's "French Press" Guide

JD Coulter, is a beloved member of our Auckland Team. He's an Account Manager, member of the sales team, a pretty wicked dancer, and an all-round great guy. The isolation period caught him with not much warning, down in Matamata with none of his normal set-up. During one of our morning catch-ups, JD was boasting his delicious cup of coffee, that he'd made in a Pyrex jug. We had to know more. Over to JD. 

When isolation has caught you at your mother in law's with naught but an old bag of special blend in the cupboard, you've got to get creative...

My mind wandered to those wonderful Central Europeans, the French. They’ve got a lot of good things going on — baguettes, crepes, red-wine, snails, well maybe not that last one... But more importantly, and more immediately useful to myself, the French Press.

Sticking some coffee in a glass tube with hot water never tasted so right! And as with all things, there are a few little steps that can make all the difference to the taste of your cup. Here's JD's how to French Press...

  • Find a French Press or Plunger or Cafetière, or whatever your household calls it. Or if you are in dire straits like myself, find a vessel that'll hold a litre of water.
  • Now we're going to use the, 1:17 ratio, some call it the golden ratio, but what that really means is for every 1g of coffee, add 17gs of water. This will control the amount of coffee and water that you add, making your brew consistently delicious each morning. Once you multiply that out you'll weigh out 60g of coffee into your vessel of choice then add 1L of water.
  • Using a spoon from that set your mother in law got when she got married, give everything a stir and leave it for six minutes.
  • You might even be able to get your hands on a tea strainer. If so, place that over the well washed out 'best mum' mug and you find you have a beautifully clean cup of Jo.

While we continue to work from home, we'll be shedding a little light on how the team brews when they're cooped up. We'll be sharing these on our Instagram


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