2020, What A Year

Not to flog a dead horse, but sheesh, 2020 is a year we’ll all be glad to see the back of.

However, as we do the rounds of Christmas parties, give and receive gifts, share good times and horrendous hangovers, we realise we’ve got plenty of positives to look back on from 2020. And before we get carried away looking to the approaching new year, we want to stop and celebrate some hard-fought victories and some of the good stuff from the year that’s been.

We, and you, still drank plenty of good coffee this year — 529 tonnes to be exact — and while the industry (us included) shat its pants about what the hell might happen, the longstanding relationships we’ve fostered over the years stands us in good stead to be drinking plenty of the good stuff in the future. 

2020 saw us make more of our Instant coffee, which also won a Best Award. While the award doesn’t make the coffee taste any better, our design team got to give themselves a pat on the back. Whittaker’s also put our coffee in their new Flat White Block and Graze put a little dusting of Supreme Blend on their Skinny Dipped Almonds. We’re pretty into them, and so it seems the rest of NZ is too. We had a laugh releasing our AM/PM Blend, which sold so well, it’s remained on the menu.

We got a bit boozy, no relation to the hardships the year presented us, we just like a good drink like anyone else. In New Zealand, we made some Nice beers with Parrotdog and our Cheers six-packs. Our mates at Hop Nation in Australia helped us gift a big old bottle of sparkling wine to our customers and we also lent a hand with their Coffee and Citrus Hard Seltzer.

We got busy and made an  ad this year and we thought who better to represent us than Robyn Malcolm (Cheryl West), the mother of NZ entertainment. We’re pretty chuffed to have a bunch of new retailers across the country. Because if we’re honest, all we want is better coffee for the people and we’re well on our way to making that happen. And to help share the good message, we’ve planned a summer road trip. North Island, look out for us on the road this summer.

We began to measure and confront the business’s environmental impact and published our first sustainability report. This also sees us working hard on creating new easily recycled paper packaging which we’re excited to share with you in the New Year. And we sold 13,333 of KeepCups this year, keep it up New Zealand.

2020 also brought 15 new playlists, four spelling mistakes on Instagram (our favourite – ‘panty’ instead of ‘pantry’), one ASA complaint and a quick zoom call with our New Zealand Prime Minister. Yeah, you could say we’ve been pretty busy.

It’s been a tough year and perhaps felt by many much worse than us. However, we’re pretty thankful to be here still doing what we love. So much of what we do is playing a supporting role. A huge thank you to our cafe and wholesale customers for sticking with us through it all. And, of course, you lot too, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Coffee Supreme

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