It’s no secret that good coffee and good music go hand in hand. We think coffee forms the basis of all good creative, work and recording sessions. It’s the foundation that cafes are built on, and our lives are enriched by. 

Supreme Press is here to help more good coffee amplify more good music. Its mission is to support and showcase a range of underrepresented and emerging artists working hard to create tomorrow's sound.

Our latest Supreme Press project sees us working with Te Whanganui-a-Tara-based band, Soft Plastics, to produce a limited run12” vinyl for their first pressing, Saturn Return. We managed to steal 15 minutes of Sophie, Laura and Jono’s time. Go on, get cosy and put the kettle on.

Q. Hey Soft Plastics, tell us a bit about yourselves; individually and collectively. 
Soft Plastics are three pals from Te Whanganui-a-Tara who create melancholic songs with a side of grit. We are the perfect combination of Aquarius, Taurus and Gemini!

Sophie has a background in music and has been involved in music events and organisation for the past decade. She is the lead singer and bass player in Soft Plastics.

Laura has a background in filmmaking with producing, directing and writing. Her skills come in handy when it comes to producing our music videos. Laura also plays drums in another Wellington post-punk band called EUG.

Jono has a background in music and has been playing in and out of multiple Wellington bands for years. His current focus is Soft Plastics, as well as playing bass in post-punk trio Goya and guitar in psychedelic ensemble The Spectre Collective.

Q. How did Soft Plastics come to be?
Sophie: Jono and I are friends from way back and we used to be in a psych band called Beatcomber. In 2019 I got back to Wellington and we decided we should start a fancy new band. Laura joined us on drums shortly after.

Laura: We formed at the end of 2019, just as Covid was becoming serious. Sophie discovered that I was a drummer and I was looking to get back into playing music. 

Sophie: The first few songs we released were during lockdown and from there we’ve gone from strength to strength, playing alongside some of New Zealand’s best acts.

Q. The cat’s out of the bag, Saturn Return, your new album is coming. What’s the deal with the vinyl and where will it be available?

Sophie: We have always dreamed of putting our first album on vinyl so we’re over the moon to be able to partner with Coffee Supreme to make this record happen. Saturn Return 12” Vinyl is available for pre-order online from our Bandcamp, Flying Out and Flying Nun. It will also be available from selected stores from 31 March!

Q. What’s your coffee setup at home or in the studio?
Sophie: I am a classic plunger kind of gal (with Supreme beans of course) but have dabbled with a Swiss Gold Filter, AeroPress and V60 Filter. I am dreaming of the day when I will own a pastel-coloured Moccamaster.

Laura: I alternate between an AeroPress and a Bodum Pour Over. I had a Swiss Gold for over a decade that finally gave out so I need to replace that - they are a great investment. 

Jono: I grind my Supreme beans and make a big plunger to cruise on for the morning.

Q. Vinyl or digital?
Vinyl all the way.

Q. Favourite snack in Wellington?
We collectively eat a lot of sandwiches from Good Boy Sammies in Newtown. Their menu changes weekly so you can never get bored. Plus their Instagram account is extremely entertaining...

Q. Dream with us, you’ve got tickets to your all-star gig, who are the three headlining acts? Dead or alive. 
Jono: LCD Soundsystem (maybe in 2008)
Laura: Joni Mitchell (Hissing of Summer Lawns era) 
Sophie: The Beatles (typical, I know)

Q. What’s in the pipeline for Soft Plastics this year? 
We are playing the Garage Project stage at CubaDupa next month. And then we start gearing up for our album release in March, a nationwide tour in May and then it’s back to the studio for album number two! We’d love to tour Australia (and UK/Europe) someday soon.

Grab your pre-release copy from Bandcamp, Flying Out or Flying Nun. And, stay up to date with Soft Plastics on Instagram.


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