We’ve always said, one of the things that we think makes Coffee Supreme so special, is the people — be they the growers, the customers or the team. We like to think we’re a passionate bunch — not only do we care about coffee, we care about other stuff, too. So, we thought it’d be neat to let you in on what some of the team get up to when they’re out of the office. Whether it’s a labour of love, a sweet side hustle or a niche hobby, here’s how some of us spend our evenings and weekends.

To kick off the series, we sat down with the one and only Douglas Johns. Having been on the tools for over a decade, you might know who he is. His music is often heard blasting from the Art Dept. office, he knows his way around Adobe and he’s not above a dad joke. But, he's also so much more than just that. Grab a cuppa and read on.

Q. Hi Doug, what’s your current role at Coffee Supreme?
My official role is Brand & Partnerships Manager. My unofficial role is Doug Stuff. I like to be involved in lots of stuff really.

Q. And, what is it you get up to while not at Supreme?
My partner Marta Buda and I run a small business called Best Wishes — an online store with bricks and mortar dreams.

Q. How long have you been doing Best Wishes and what led you to start it?
Marta as a textile artist/maker has always been very supportive of handcrafts and artists. We value handmade and traditional techniques of production as well as the materials, and the integrity of making. We wanted Best Wishes to be an extension of this and to create a way to support friends, artists and makers.

The first iteration of the store was to work with craftspeople to make products we designed. We started out by creating handwoven towels by a weaving cooperative in India called Womenweave. Six years on Best Wishes now incorporates a range of products from artists, designers, special manufacturers and independent publishers.

We want Best Wishes to be a place you can find something special, something lasting and of value for your home.

Q. What’s your secret at managing a full-time job as well as Best Wishes?
Well, I’m only the sub after hours really. Marta does the hard yards during the week and the weekends will sometimes involve design, photos etc. We really enjoy finding makers and products, which keeps the work inspiring for us — sometimes it's simple things like a really good fly swat.

Q. You’ve been at Supreme a while, what’s your go-to coffee and how do you make it?
I’ll generally grab a Kenyan or Ethiopian coffee or if we have a crisp clean central American, I’ll happily take that too. We have a Moccamaster at home. We make one big pot in the morning, anything left over goes in the fridge for later. And if a top-up is required, we’ll make a Gold Filter.

Q. Favourite spot to have a cuppa in Wellington?

Q. Your top 3 products currently available on Best Wishes?
We love a comfy couch and we love Klay cushions. The Kelly Green Bolster. We love to cook and adding to our recipe books. ​​So while international travel and visiting Frederik Bille Brahe’s spots were a no go, this is cool insight into his lockdown. Our Pear Candle was one of our first products and is still a favourite.

Q. What’s on the cards for Best Wishes this year?
We’ve just finished our first spatial consultation job, so maybe some more of this. We’d love to work collaboratively with friends and makers to create some special items. We’d like to find a space to host people too, as a lot of items are very tactile and tricky to convey digitally. We’re working on a Best Wishes scent too, gotta smell good.

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