We’ve always said, one of the things that we think makes Coffee Supreme so special, is the people — be they the growers, the customers or the team. We like to think we’re a passionate bunch — not only do we care about coffee, we care about other stuff, too. So, we thought it’d be neat to let you in on what some of the team get up to when they’re out of the office. Whether it’s a labour of love, a sweet side hustle or a niche hobby, here’s how some of us spend our evenings and weekends.

For the next round of our OOO series, we caught up with illustrator, designer and full-time Supremer, Carly Black. If you’re a regular diner in Auckland’s food and bev scene, chances are you’ve already seen a bit of Carly’s work in the wild. Grab a cuppa, get comfortable and read on to hear more.

Q. Hi Carly, what’s your current role at Coffee Supreme?
I’m an account manager based at the Auckland CS office. I look after our customers based in the Coromandel, Northland, and half of Auckland.

Q. And, what is it you get up to while not at Supreme?
I’m an illustrator and graphic designer, focusing predominantly on all things food and vino.

Q. How long have you been illustrating and designing?
Going on about five years now, I used to co-run a restaurant pop-up and ended up doing all the branding and illustration work — from there I made a bunch of talented hospitality friends who all happened to need design work for their brands too.

Q. What’s your secret to managing a full-time job as well as illustrating and designing?
I think the key to having a hobby that’s turning into a hustle is to make sure it doesn’t feel like work — otherwise, that’s a 60-70 hour week! I only pick fun projects to do — I’ll illustrate for whacky wine labels or design for super creative restaurateurs.

Q. Where might we have seen a bit of your work? And what’s been your favourite business to work with to date?
A lot of people will recognise my work at Pici in St Kevin’s. Gemma and Jonny are the best! I love working with them. I also work a lot with Alex of Gatherings Restaurant in Christchurch, he just lets me run wild with any briefs and I love him for that.

Q. If you could choose anyone to design or illustrate something for, who would it be and why?
I’m pretty thankful for the amazing businesses that have already asked me to bring their creative visions to fruition. I wouldn’t say no to an illustration on a Garage Project can one day.

Q. You’ve been at Supreme for a while now, what’s your go-to coffee and how do you make it?
I’ll grab the washed Kenyan, every time. At the moment it’s the Gachatha, through the Moccamaster.

Q. Favourite $15 snack in Auckland?
A couple of beef cheek (cachete) tacos from Cielito Lindo.

Q. What’s on the cards for you this year?
A bit! Right now I’m working with a few New Zealand natural winemakers who’re releasing their wines as we speak, branding work for a mint diner opening in Avondale, and an authentic Taqueria in Tauranga. I’m also starting to get my head around screen printing so I can start to print my own work and offer it to other creatives in town.

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