The enduring belief that the partnership of good coffee and good music makes the world go around is sound in our hallways. It forms the basis of all good creative sessions, work sessions, and recording sessions. It is the foundation that cafes are built on, and our lives are enriched by.

Coffee Supreme Press is here to help more good coffee amplify more good music. Its mission is to support and showcase a range of underrepresented and emerging artists working hard to create tomorrow's sound.

Our latest Supreme Press project sees us working with esteemed artist and founding member of The Phoenix Foundation, Luke Buda, to produce a limited run of two hundred 12” vinyl of his latest solo album, BUDA. In between being a dad, releasing an album and working a 9 ‘til 5, we managed to steal 15 minutes of Luke’s time. Go on, get cosy and put the kettle on.

Q: Hey Luke, we’re loving the new album. Tell us a little bit about it. 
Well, it has been a very long time between solo albums because I got really busy with The Phoenix Foundation after our album “Buffalo”. We took a little break after our 2015 album “Give Up Your Dreams”.  I'm always making music anyway, I spend most of my days down in my garage working on film and TV scores which is my day job. But also always working on songs and bits and pieces and it just started coming together slowly and naturally — it took a couple of years but that’s kinda the way I like it.

Q: What’s the inspiration behind it? 
Hmmm I guess I listen to music to soothe my weary soul. Guess that’s why I play it too, it’s a little meditation. So perhaps the inspiration is “keep myself sane-ish”. Also, it’s pretty much all I think about.

Q: What’ve you been listening to lately? 
A few songs I’ve loved this year are “Ma quale idea” by Pino D’Angio. “County Fair” by John Grant. “Heart” by Reb Fountain and “That Life” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra.  

Q: What’s your coffee set-up at home like? 
Haha, I have a Moccamaster that my sister and brother in law gave me for my 40th birthday.  It is one of the most “sparks-joy” items I own. We have a Supreme coffee subscription, one of the ones that rotates through different single-origin filter coffees. Unfortunately, my grinder broke down so we get it delivered ground. Still delicious.

Q: Do you have a favourite Supreme coffee? 
I honestly love getting something different every week.  

Q: Smooth or crunchy? 
Crunchy!  Smooth people are square.

Q: What’s your favourite snack in Wellington?
Oh man this question has sent me into a spin. Do I even have one? Do I even SNACK? I think I’m more of a full meal kinda guy, and predictably I’m saying Taste of Home. I guess donuts or toasties from Customs are a classic also but I haven’t really been out since about August for some weird reason.

Q: Who’s in your lineup for your all-star band?
My band is Anita Clarke who’s solo act is Motte, Jacqui Nyman who plays bass in the Bret McKenzie band, and Olivia Campion from Yumi Zouma. The band rules! Pity we had to postpone the tour. Shit!

You can get your copy of BUDA here


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