Coffee Supreme's Midland Park retail store interior.


Situated in Wellington Central, on the shoulder of the ever-popular Midland Park, our flagship retail store, Coffee Supreme Midland Park, is the complete experience for the at-home or office coffee-lover. With our complete range of freshly roasted coffees available, this is the spot for cream-of-the-crop coffee, espresso machines, and brewing devices. 

Not quite a week after Coffee Supreme New Zealand celebrated its 22nd birthday in 2015, we vacated our legacy store on Woodward Street for a new store 100m away here at Midland Park.
The move marked the end of an era, as our 7 Woodward Street site, with its diminutive 14sqm size, served as our first roastery from 1993, before being transformed into the home and heart of our retail operation in 1996.

Since our first roast spilled, Kiwis’ thirst for coffee dramatically has evolved and as a roaster, so have we. However, despite our growth, the focus of our retail team has always been on helping people create the best coffee experience, whether at home, in the office or on the road.