Cold brew is one of the best ways to enjoy coffee in the warmer seasons; there’s no doubt about it. Plus, it’s also one of the easier ways to make coffee at home. This recipe follows a ratio of 1:12 (coffee to water) and makes 1L of cold brew using our Holiday Blend. It can easily be scaled up or down, depending on what kind of equipment you’re using.

What you’ll need:
- 83g Holiday Filter Blend (coarsely ground, think rock salt or plunger grind)
- A vessel: a Cold Brewer, French Press or even a trusty Pyrex jug
- 1litre of water (filtered and bottled if you’re feeling fancy)

1. Place the ground coffee in your vessel, and pour in all of the cold water, covering the grinds evenly. Get in there with a spoon and give it a good stir, ensuring all the coffee grinds are submerged.
2. Pop it in the fridge to steep for 12-15 hours.
3. After it’s extracted, remove your coffee grinds. If you’ve used a vessel without a built-in filter, you’ll need to use a filter paper or cheesecloth to strain the grinds. You can do this over any filter device, like a Chemex, V60 or AeroPress.
4. Serve over ice and pop the rest back in the fridge. It'll last in there for up to 5 days, but we doubt it'll last that long.

Hot tips:
1. This recipe is on the stronger side to account for any dilution from the ice melting. If you’d prefer to avoid this, we’d recommend decreasing the coffee ratio and/or making cold-brew ice cubes beforehand.
2. If you’re adding cow or alternative milk, we’d recommend using Holiday Espresso Blend instead. Holiday Filter Blend is designed to be enjoyed black and light, and milk can typically dull down the flavour.
3. For something sweeter, try adding a dash of maple syrup.
4. If you’re tight on time or always have a cup or two of coffee left from your normal brewing method, just pop it in the fridge to chill and enjoy within 24 hours. Works a treat.

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