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Yemen Al Mazab

Milk Chocolate & Peach | Sweet & Elegant

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Aeropress, Cone Filter, Gold Filter, Chemex, Filter Machine, Plunger

About this Coffee

Presenting our latest Special Release coffee, Yemen Al Mazab. Grown in one of the oldest coffee-producing nations, we’re excited to share another delicious coffee from the team at Qima coffee. 

What’s so special about it? Well, this coffee is of the only recently discovered Yemenia variety, which was found through new genetic fingerprinting technology. Covering an area of over 25,000km, the findings are considered among the most significant genetic discoveries in Yemen’s coffee history. Al Mazab has undergone a long and slow fermentation resulting in a smooth and elegant cup of milk chocolate and peach flavours.  

Download your print-ready Yemen Al Mazab tasting card here.

Producer:Al Mazab
Region:Hayma DakhilIya, Sana’a
Processing:Deep Fermentation (Washed)
Altitude:2200 masl

Tasting Notes

Malic acidity
Perfumed cocoa

Community Support

We are delighted to partner with the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand to support the good work they do, fundraise and encourage conversations about mental health.

By choosing Supreme you're choosing to support the Mental Health Foundation. Every cup counts.