Rancilio Silvia V6 M

A cafe-quality espresso machine for home

The Silvia is the single boiler domestic espresso machine for anyone looking to upgrade from an entry-level model. Now in its 6th version, Rancilio first introduced the Silvia in 1998, and they have been perfecting it ever since.

From the commercial grade port-a-filter, to the full brass boiler, the Silvia V6 M is a well-built, reliable, no frills machine. You won't find any superfluous extras on the Silvia, but it lacks none of the important components for great home espresso. You can also hone your latte art skills as the Silvia produces generous, consistent steam pressure.

Finish your setup with a milk jug and knock box.

Rancilio Silvia product manual.

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Total: $1,354.70

Silvia is equipped with a special boiler wrapped in a foam thermal insulator with a high rate of heat absorption. A feature that enables a significant reduction of energy consumption when the machine is on. In addition, the internal parts of the coffee machine in contact with water do not release toxic substances and do not compromise the quality of the beverage in the cup. The aim is to maintain great reliability and thermal stability, main characteristics of the Rancilio Home Line from its beginning.

Ergo Work Space

Steam nozzle, knob and drip tray grid. Professional image and a high level of quality thanks to the ergonomic design of the new commercial articulating steam wand and steam valve. The new drip tray grid has been designed to make cleaning simple.

Pods & Cups Adapter

Silvia can be equipped with special adaptors and filter holders, studied for the use of various pods and caps available on the market (optional). These systems allow to preserve the freshness of ground coffee aroma and facilitate to obtain an espresso always perfect.