We have a bit of a rule here at Supreme — it’s pretty much unspoken, but taken pretty seriously —  first one in the door puts a pot of coffee on. The early bird takes one for the foggy-eyed troops who continue to roll in the door. Each person grabs a cup, beelines for the pot and gets their fill. Then, the day begins. 

We’ve been abiding by this for 27 years and we think it’s about time we share it with you. Introducing, Coffee For The Office.

It's a Coffee Supreme service that lets us share the way we do coffee in our own office. It’s an annual coffee subscription, with the coffee arriving each Monday morning. We know you will need something to brew the coffee with, so we’ve gone ahead and taken care of that for you, the Moccamaster is on us. We’ve included some other fun stuff too, like mugs, pencils and a sign to show the way to your new coffee station. If this already sounds like a bit of you, head over here to get in touch with Tim. 

We know that coffee isn’t meant to be hard. Instead, it should be delicious, shareable and readily available. When you turn on the Moccamaster, it’s a one-pot wonder — it creates a culture of social sharing, where making a coffee means making one for the team. Plus, it also means you don’t have to remember the entire Board’s coffee order. 

We have a few friends across varying industries who have been on the program for a while. Whether you’re behind a desk, working the floor or wielding a spanner, a cup of hot coffee is fit for the job.

Supreme at the office means no one has an excuse to be tired – fashion (truly) never sleeps.
     — Ruby

On a scale of 1 to 10 Supreme's  Coffee For The Office is definitely better than the old tin of stale wine biscuits that Steven store's behind the microwave, but not as good as that time someone dropped off a huge box of perfectly ripe avocados by the roller door with a note that said 'Thanks for everything Carol'. I mean, who the frick is Carol?
     — Arkade

Coffee Supreme. Deliver the Bean. Share with my Team.
     Buster Caldwell, Wonder

It wasn't until we discovered Coffee Supreme that we could add the 'good' to Goodnature.
     — Goodnature

Our appreciation for Coffee For The Office™ is so great that we have prepared this tribute haiku. 

Coffee, coffee. No 
lame tea for the office ever 
Go. Moccamaster.
     — Brown Bread 

So be like Coffee Supreme - drink filter. It’s like water, but cooler. If you want to know a little more about Coffee For The Office, head over here. 


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